Modern IT-solutions studio VedideV

is an international IT company focused on game and mobile app development.

— About us

We can guess your ideas. Our experience in the mobile/web/server app-development made us able to solve any task our client entrusts. Our staff is always ready to answer any question you ask and provides the best solutions for your app, game of site. We can correctly understand your requirements and do all our best to implement quality product and make you happy. Phrases such a: «I want really beautiful application», or «Our site should be the mirror of aims and goals of our company» is common for us, as we are professionals is such tasks. We know how hard is to implement all the aspects and not to miss something really important. So, we‘re ready to help you in making your product successful. We are sure that any company starts from the business-idea, and every app, which is useful and makes money - from choosing the right company which can make your dreams come true - that’s what we were created for.

Our team —

In our team you can find true professionals and specialists who can turn your ideas into reality qualitatively and quickly. Creative approach to development —is what each of us loves, it’s our lives’ work, it’s our calling. We fully commit to it from ideation to product release, to first users’ feedback, to real results you expect.
новые идеи

— Open to new ideas

Nothing is perfect and there’s no more effective way to improve our work than receiving feedback from you. Do you have any remarks? Do you want to make a comment? Or do you probably have an idea that we could put into life, and you want to discuss it? We — reflect the best practices we’ve collected over the years of successful work. You can be sure that every word will be heard, because it’s you who makes us better!


Web development is — one of the leading and most popular areas at the moment, from design to server  maintenance. We are familiar with modern standards; we follow trends and learn from our competitors. Wheter you need a personal blog to share your thoughts and ideas with your followers, a business card website to present your services to prospective customers, or a turnkey «online shop» -- we will help you. And even if your problem lies deep, where regular users can’t see it, but the site isn’t working as it should be -- contact us and we will solve the problem!


website «development»: from idea and mockup to  website support during its maintenance, server problems solving.
We will explain you in simple terms, how you can administer your website on your own; we will also help you figure out, how it works and what do you have to do if you need to make any changes.
Only up-to-date solutions, no obsolete technologies and trivial job. We always do our best to make your website really eye-catching.


If you need an applications, or your project needs to be developed or supported - tell us! We will help you to estimate the budget, terms, requirements to stuff and would love to answer to any questione you ask!